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Counseling Services in Anchorage

Life is full of trials and tribulations. It is not uncommon to feel sad, angry, anxious, stressed, and depressed, but when these emotions consume your daily life, it can be challenging to know where to turn.

Richard Steinzeig, LCSW is proud to offer accessible professional counseling services to clients in the Anchorage area and beyond. Whether you are facing a significant life transition or want to address trauma or challenges from your past, our therapists are here to listen.

We can help you develop the skills to take charge of your life and find the strength and courage you need to move forward in a meaningful way.

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Compassionate Counsel from a Trusted Professional

Richard Steinzeig, LCSW provides compassionate counsel based on years of experience and clinical training. Our interdisciplinary approach uses a range of evidence-based techniques to help all clients overcome their problems—be they interpersonal, individual, or mental health-related—to ensure all achieve a high quality of life.

As a client of Richard Steinzeig, LCSW, you can expect:

  • Sound, thoughtful advice
  • Effective, evidence-based counsel
  • Practical resources and guidance
  • Compassionate, confidential counsel
  • Competitive and transparent rates
  • A counselor committed to your success

We are committed to providing every client the care and counsel they need to achieve their goals. We want everyone to have the tools they need to see success in their lives—and with our counseling services, we’re making sure they do.

Counseling Services for All

Our office welcomes all people from all walks of life. Couples, families, and individuals can all benefit from our trusted counseling services in a safe, judgment-free space.

We offer confidential counseling to adults, children, families, and everyone in between. No matter your needs or goals, Richard Steinzeig, LCSW is here to help you achieve them.

We can help with:

  • Resolving conflict successfully
  • Improving communication
  • Blended family issues
  • Rekindling romance in your relationship
  • Healing from infidelity
  • Stress management
  • Parent-child conflict resolution
  • Separation/divorce counseling
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Intimacy issues
  • …and more

Our years of training and experience allow us to provide effective counsel on a complete range of topics and issues. Whether you struggle with resolving conflict, overcoming trauma, or managing stress, Richard Steinzeig, LCSW is here to help.

Book a Consultation with a Licensed Counselor

When it comes to pursuing counseling, every individual has unique experiences and needs to address. Our experts will take the time to get to know you and your situation to provide you with appropriate services.

When you contact us by phone or email, we will book you in for a consultation at your earliest convenience. During the consultation, our experts will get an idea of the support you’re looking for, how often you wish to visit a therapist, and the reasons you seek our services.

We understand that talking to a stranger about personal matters may be nerve-wracking, but we know how many of our clients have benefitted from our counseling services. We will work to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

A Wide Range of Therapy Services

Over the years our business has grown, and so have the needs of our clientele. We work with a wide range of individuals, families, and couples to provide effective counsel to all in Anchorage. Whether you struggle to form long-lasting relationships, to rekindle the spark in your marriage, or to parent your children, we’re here to help. Whether you need help managing your mental health, achieving your life goals, or managing your stress, you can depend on us for safe and effective counseling services.

We are now very proud to offer a diverse array of counseling services, including the following:

  • Individual therapy for adults
    • Perhaps the most common kind of therapy is individual therapy for adults. We offer tailored counseling services to help adults with a range of issues, from substance abuse to mood disorders. This service helps individuals dig deep, address the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives, be honest about their feelings, and develop coping mechanisms and tools to aid their future. By working closely with each individual client, we help them rebuild their confidence, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals in life.
  • Family counseling
    • Family dynamics can be very challenging. Investing in group therapy with your family members can be very beneficial. Our therapist will mediate the session, ensure that everyone's voice is heard, and help you navigate issues you're facing with your loved ones. Through carefully mediated sessions, we help all family members feel loved and valued while giving them the tools they need to manage conflict and express their concerns.
  • Marriage counseling
    • A lifelong commitment to marriage comes with its fair share of ups and downs. If you are committed to bettering your marriage or finding out whether staying married is the best choice, counseling could be the right option for you and your spouse. We can help you deal with various issues, from intimacy and infidelity to parenting. Our counseling services are open to all types of couples and partners, including same-sex couples, unmarried partners, and other types of relationships.
  • Relationship counseling
    • Every relationship is different. If you are struggling with a relationship, be it with a spouse, a non-marital partner, a best friend, a parent, or a sibling, talking things out in the presence of a professional could make a world of difference.
  • Men's group therapy
    • Because of pervasive societal norms and pressures, it is often difficult for men to express their emotions and discuss the pain they're experiencing. We find that many men can benefit from pursuing therapy in a group setting, and we are very happy to offer this service to men in Anchorage.

We are also trained to provide support to individuals dealing with mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, OCD, and more.

Understanding the Benefits of Seeking Professional Therapy

There are many reasons why our clients decide to pursue therapy, and there are no right and wrong reasons for doing so. Our clients come to therapy when dealing with an especially challenging period in their life, like a divorce or the death of a loved one. Others seek guidance as they try and work through issues of their past or plan for the future.

The great thing about therapy is that it's conducted in a neutral, judgment-free space, where you have the freedom to be as honest as you need to be. It’s a privilege we don't always have when seeking advice from friends and other loved ones.

Professional therapists will provide you with an attentive ear and ultimately allow you to come to conclusions on your own while helping you reflect on your journey and build coping tools for when times get tough.

To learn about how you could benefit from therapy, reach our office. We will be happy to discuss our services in further detail.

Our counseling services can help you:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Manage emotions and resolve conflict
  • Build stronger, sustainable relationships with friends and family
  • Learn effective parenting strategies
  • Heal from trauma
  • Grow your self-confidence and self-worth

We’re happy to discuss our services with you in a personalized consultation, where you can learn about our counseling services and how you can benefit. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your consultation today.

Counseling Services to Suit Your Budget and Schedule

At Richard Steinzeig, LCSW, we want our counseling services to be as accessible as possible, and that’s why we are happy to offer our professional therapy at competitive rates. We can also work around your schedule and provide you with the amount of support you need when you need it.

If you have any concerns or hesitation about investing in counseling based on your busy schedule or monetary restrictions, please let us know. Our experts will be happy to discuss these matters with you and find services you can benefit from.

Our Counseling Services Protect Your Privacy

It’s important to note that our counseling services are completely confidential. Our therapists will create a welcoming space where you feel comfortable sharing while protecting your privacy with the utmost discretion. Rest assured: With us, anything you choose to share will never go beyond the four walls of our office.

One of the most important parts of therapy is learning to share secrets that you may have been hiding from other people in your life. To get to the root cause of your mental challenges, ensuring you a judgment-free, completely private setting is our duty – and one we take very seriously.

Contact Our Center to Book a Counseling Session

Whether you are struggling with the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, or having difficulties in your professional life, counseling can support you with the tools you need to move forward in a resilient way.

Taking care of your mental health will improve many aspects of your life and is just as important as maintaining your physical health, so don’t be afraid to ask for the support you need. Rest assured: With us, anything you choose to share will never go beyond the four walls of our office.

Our experts look forward to helping you work through whatever is causing you anguish.

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