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Men’s Group therapy in Anchorage

We are currently running a Men’s group that focuses on issues that often affect men on a daily basis. The group is recommended for men who are dealing with general concerns about relationships, depression or anxiety, parenting, work stress, and those traditional and cultural models of how men are socialized and expected to perform that are often not productive or effective for them.

Advantages of Group Therapy

Groups offers a unique opportunity for members to deepen their understanding of themselves and explore issues while engaging in a dialogue with other men who are experiencing similar issues. Groups encourage sharing and feedback in a non-judgmental setting.

Richard Steinzeig, LCSW helps Men learn new strategies to cope with daily stress in Anchorage

As the group progresses, members are better able to understand their triggers and patterns of interactions, and come to develop useful way to overcome their issues which often leads to better communication and outcomes at work and home.

A brief interview with potential clients is needed prior to acceptance into the group.

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