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Family Therapy in Anchorage

Richard Steinzeig, LCSW provides compassionate, professional help for Anchorage families facing conflict of all kinds. Restore your family dynamic to one that is healthy, loving, supportive, and based on mutual trust.

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Meet Your Certified Therapist

Richard Steinzeig is a Clinical Social Worker and a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Working in private practice since 1997, Richard has helped countless clients through a variety of family conflict issues. He is passionate about seeing his clients grow, succeed, and positively change their lives.

Richard is known for his compassionate approach to his clients, as well as his in-depth knowledge and use of effective counseling strategies. He is skilled at facilitating honest and constructive conversations between family members and navigating them as a unit towards mutual understanding.

What to Expect in Family Therapy

You can expect your counseling session to take place in a comfortable, inviting space where you are safe to share your opinions and concerns without judgment. Your therapist will get to know you, establish goals, and broach challenging subjects in a gentle and empathetic manner.

No topic is off-limits. Some of the things often discussed in family therapy are:

  • Communication issues
  • Differences in values and opinions
  • Parenting conflicts
  • Addictions
  • Physical and mental health issues
  • Financial struggles
  • Grief
  • Divorce or separation
  • Blended families
  • And more

Every member of the family will have the opportunity to express themselves and be heard. Your therapist will assist in identifying problem areas and patterns within the family system and will suggest helpful, practical changes that can be implemented to create positive change.

Family Counseling

It’s only natural that families encounter difficulties. A family is a unit made up of different people with unique personalities in various life circumstances, with distinct needs, strengths, and weaknesses—that’s a lot of differences to work together cohesively.

At Richard Steinzeig, LCSW, we seek to equip families with the tools they need to overcome these differences. By deepening your understanding of one another, you’ll grow in love and appreciation for your family members. With your therapist, you’ll uproot harmful habits one by one and lay a new foundation of open, honest collaboration. Together, you’ll emerge from therapy with a renewed sense of hope and enjoyment of life.

The number of sessions your family needs, to benefit from therapy, will vary from case to case. Your counselor will consult with you about these details, helping you communicate with your insurance provider and book regular appointments that work for your schedule.

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Investing in your family with counseling is one of the best steps you can take to improve your quality of life.

Discover the life-altering difference that therapy can make in your family relationships. Richard Steinzeig, LCSW has the experience, skill, and passion for transforming your family dynamic into one that is whole and healthy.

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Family Therapy in Anchorage

If your family is dealing with challenges, difficulties, or is simply in need of renewed honesty and communication, the family therapy services offered by Richard Steinzeig, LCSW may be for you. Our therapists can help you work through any number of challenging issues your family may be facing.

Our empowering, empathetic approach provides the ideal setting for addressing conflicts that may be holding you back. We will explore various problems and the different possible solutions, helping your family to move forward stronger than ever.

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Empowering Family Counseling Services Tailored to Your Needs

Families can encounter a wide variety of difficulties throughout day-to-day life. When fights or troubled moments present themselves, lines of communication are frequently the first thing to be compromised. As a result, issues can't be properly articulated and dealt with.

At Richard Steinzeig, LCSW, therapy is our specialty and area of expertise. While we frequently deal with individuals and couples, family therapy is one of the most effective ways to address multiple issues at once. By involving parents, children, and all others involved in the family unit, everyone has the chance to express themselves.

Our family counseling and therapy sessions place importance on both attentive communication and active listening. Your session will take place in a comfortable, inviting space where you will be encouraged to be honest and caring. Our compassionate and understanding staff will facilitate discussions and explore possibilities for a better and stronger future.

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Assistance and Empowerment Through a Variety of Situations and Circumstances

At family therapy, any issue can be addressed and articulated. Particularly common topics of discussion include matters related to divorce and separation. For children and teenagers, who may be facing a great degree of change, family therapy is invaluable in reinforcing family relations and bonds.

Issues dealt with by certain members of families, such as physical or mental health problems, addictions, and the like, affect the entire family unit. We will analyze the consequences of various events and occurrences, many of which may not have been properly dealt with.

Each participant will have the opportunity to voice specific concerns.

Regardless of the issues, your family is facing––our therapy services are designed to strengthen and empower.

Experienced, Qualified Family Therapist with Years of Service

Our team has been providing outstanding family therapy services in the Anchorage area for a number of years. We have developed an excellent reputation for our compassionate approach to therapy, as well as for our expertise across many areas.

We can set up regular family therapy schedules, keeping all parties of your family involved and informed through our counseling sessions.

You'll appreciate our prompt availabilities and great rates, as well!

Improve Communication and Strengthen Family Bonds with Family Therapy

For outstanding family therapy services, look no further than the specialists at Richard Steinzeig, LCSW. We have the skills and passion for serving your family, leaving you stronger and more optimistic than ever.

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Family Therapy in Anchorage

If your Anchorage family is going through a difficult time at the moment, then this is nothing to be embarrassed about. At Richard Steinzeig, LCSW, we know that issues like divorce, aggressive teen behavior, addiction problems or a death in the family can affect any family. However, we also know that with the appropriate counseling and family therapy practices that these issues can be remedied and your family can return to happier times. The stigmas that surround family conflicts should not deter you from seeking the assistance of a trained professional. We can provide you with many strategies to aid your family in conflict resolution, as well as offer our own insights.

Any family, whether their struggles seem minor or major, can benefit from guidance. Therapy isn’t just for the troubled families or those who live in a ‘broken home’. Keep in mind that most therapists also visit therapists of their own on a regular basis. No one is immune to struggle, and everyone deserves happiness.

At Richard Steinzeig, LCSW, we know that each person or family unit that seeks counselling or therapeutic care from us comes with their unique range of emotional challenges to deal with. Our skilled team of family therapists can help identify and resolve difficult and delicate family and relationship issues in a clear and confidential fashion.

So, if you feel like have done all you can to resolve your family’s current crisis but can’t find a solution, then why not call Richard Steinzeig, LCSW today for a commitment-free conversation. If you feel like progressing our counselling service from there then all you need to do is tell us a time that works best for you and we can get to work on helping you.

Here to Help You

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of family therapy, Richard Steinzeig, LCSW can create a safe and non-judgmental environment for all members of your family. This means that we have been in a position to assist those with issues as varied as:

  • Divorce or separation: Divorced parents who are still in a high-conflict relationship can be taught many different strategies to reduce conflict. When children are involved, divorced parents are still parents and need to learn new co-parenting strategies. These strategies will benefit their children and themselves.
  • Dealing with challenging teen behavior: Family dynamics have a strong influence on juvenile delinquency. Richard Steinzeg, LCSW can help you and your family foster a supportive and compassionate environment for your teenaged children while also addressing their behavior.
  • Drug or alcohol addiction: Addiction is never one person’s issue. Addiction affects an entire community, starting with the addicted individual’s family. Whether the addicted person in question is a parent or a child, we will work with you. Family therapy is an integral part of addiction treatment, and we are more than capable of helping you through this difficult time.
  • Issues with step-parents and blended family issues: Even under the best circumstances, it can be difficult for two families to come together. Step-parents might have different parenting and discipline styles than the other parents, and there might be a lack of strong connection or respect between the adults and children, or new siblings. Older children might be overwhelmed and stressed by the sudden changes in their environment and family dynamics, and parents might feel helpless in trying to make things feel normal. Is your family having difficulty arranging visitations with the children’s other parent? This can be a source of many conflicts and can also make children feel stressed and overwhelmed. We can help you find approaches and strategies that reduce your children’s stress and also eliminate needless conflicts.
  • Conflicted parenting styles: It is foolish to expect two people from two different upbringings to have the same parenting styles. We learn from our own parents, after all. It is also foolish to not address the tension and arguments that arise from two conflicting parenting styles in the same household. Differing parent styles can make children feel anxious, insecure, and afraid of upsetting one parent or the other. Let Richard Steinzeig, LCSW help you and your spouse find common ground for the benefit of your children. We’ll work with you to learn authoritative approaches to parenting.

We promise to provide a safe space for you and your family. Many of these issues can be just as challenging for adults to discuss as they are for children. Many of us have been conditioned to not seek emotional counsel during difficult times, but rest assured that most people who seem secure and stable have also sought guidance at one point in their lives. There is no shame in consulting a third party.

We are also able to assist families experiencing other issues, such as:

  • Ongoing conflict between family members
  • Family members with depression or other mental health issues
  • Loss of job or precarious working condition
  • Death or traumatic event in a family

Three Common Questions About Family Therapy in Anchorage

You know, when the Internet and social media first became a part of our lives, a lot of people were excited about how powerful these tools could be for communication. But smartphones and modern technologies also can worsen communication problems between family members.

Sure, there’s a stereotypical image of a teenager being attached to their phone at the expense of conversation with Mom and Dad. But the reverse is often true too. And rather than bringing couples together, it seems like these technologies often further distract couples from working on their problems together.

So how are families to stay together and play together with all the new pressures in the contemporary world? Well, Richard Steinzeig, LCSW is a licensed and trained family therapist helping Anchorage families discover the answer to those questions for themselves.

While most people know that family therapy with a trained therapist can be a huge benefit to their lives, it’s also true that most people have no idea how the process works or what to expect. And that can be daunting for anyone experiencing difficulties with communication or cooperation in their everyday life. So we’ve put this guide together to help demystify the process.

  1. What is Family Therapy? Family therapy is the counterpart to individual therapy that attempts to solve dilemmas and problems within the lives of a group of two or more. It’s called ‘family therapy’ because it specifically focuses on the challenges that families most commonly face. Often, family therapy will be sessions that involve children and adults together, with one-on-one sessions as a complement to the group process.
  2. Why is Family Therapy Important? Most people recognize the special bond between family members. When a problem arises with a friend or a colleague, it is easy to distance yourself if it isn’t resolved. But for many, family relationships are something people want to maintain for their whole lives. So when conflict does happen—which is inevitable in life in any relationship—the stakes for resolution become higher. This feeling of pressure can cause people to use coping strategies that just don’t work. When you work with a family therapist, you and your loved ones will gain the skills to move past these communication obstacles so you can reconnect with one another and begin to heal.
  3. What Will Make My Family Therapy Successful? Come prepared to listen. Every family has its own personality dynamics. Richard Steinzeig, LCSW will ask many leading questions to try to discover your family’s story and the root of the issue at hand.

It’s important to keep an open mind and to be honest. You should feel like you’re in a non-judgmental and safe space where you can express your feelings. Every family member attending the therapy session will have their own time to speak and to share their side.

Richard Steinzeig, LCSW has worked with Anchorage families to resolve common issues for years. My practice is non-invasive and gentle but provides firm solutions to help you overcome your obstacles. Call us today to set up an initial appointment.

Come Together

At Richard Steinzeig, LCSW, we encourage all the families that use our counselling and family therapy services to attend our therapy sessions as a single unit. We foster a safe and secure environment for all our clients so that they can express themselves without fear of retribution.

We often find that once you and your family members get the opportunity to express how you feel on a given issue or traumatic event, it can be easier to resolve it in a respectful fashion. The simple fact of the matter is that our professionally dedicated team can cut to the core of some serious family dynamic issues and resolve them in a holistic fashion.

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Irrespective of your own family’s circumstances, you need to know that there is a reliable family therapy and counselling service in Anchorage that you can rely on.

When you contact Richard Steinzeig, LCSW, you can rest assured that you will receive a comprehensive and confidential family therapy service that will work that extra mile to deliver real and tangible results for your family.

Don’t suffer in silence with a challenging family situation when we are here to help today.

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